A New Chapter with timeline

2000 June

Created by ff 11 years ago
d gg Potential bug found when splitting text whilst paging on stories. When a story is split and paged accross a few pages, if (due to client settings - browser size, etc) we have 0 available lines on the current page to write part of the story text on, such that we need to split text and display some of it on a new page, then the second part of the split (the text for the new page) strips off the first character of the first word on the new page and only displays part of that first word. Currently, the app does not do this anywhere, and this problem has been fixed. However, the fix for this could possibly have caused some knock-on effects. So this case is just one to ensure that the story,timeline, etc. text is still being split correctly accross pages as a result of this fix.